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Check-in at the JET Library

QR code for checkin to JET library


Molloy University is utilizing Beacon to see what on-campus services are used by students. Students "check-in" at the locations of these services. The JET library is participating in this program.

There are signs in the library with a QR code. They can be found:

  • at the front desk
  • at the librarian reference desks
  • in library instruction rooms

How to Check-In

  • Scan the QR code or use the link below
  • Sign in with your Canvas credentials
  • That's it!

Beacon FAQ from the Office of Academic Assessment

What is the Beacon Platform?
Beacon is a data-driven web-based platform that enables Molloy’s faculty, staff and students to use student success data to:
• Connect students to their success teams (academic advisor, professional advisor, teaching faculty, student supportive services, student affairs, and athletic coaches).
• Create a customized student success plan that serves as a guide towards graduation.
• Link students to available academic and supportive services (Writing Center, Tutoring Center, Library, the Office of Academic Services, and the Student Solution Center) offered on-campus and remotely.

What is Beacon Locations?
Molloy Beacon Locations are campus-wide resources and sites being used by undergraduate and graduate students on and off campus. Knowing the locations used by students provides a snapshot, in real time that helps Molloy to predict when and what resources students use so they can meet students’ needs.

Why use Beacon Locations?
Molloy asks students to scan the QR code at academic and supportive services locations to help student success teams and students manage their academic graduation path. Student scans also help the University forecast student demand and reduce wait times. As a thank you to students scanning location QR codes, giveaways are raffled.

What are the benefits to using Beacon Locations?
Incoming students can complete a Student Strengths Inventory (SSI) to better understand their social attitudes and behavioral factors – sometimes referred to as grit – that unknowingly contribute to their student success.