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Library 101

Get to the know the library

This page is being updated, we ask for your patience as we make changes. Thank you.

Windows Ease of Access - Keyboard Shortcuts

With the exception of the commands to open a Settings menu, the following keyboard shortcuts can be used on all library PCs by all users:

Press these keys

To do this

Windows logo key + u

[doesn't work on the library PCs]

Open the Ease of Access Settings Menu
Windows logo key + the plus sign (+) Turn Magnifier on
Windows logo key + Esc Turn Magnifier off
Plus sign (+) or Minus sign (-) When Magnifier is on, zoom in or out

Windows logo key + Ctrl + C

[doesn't work on the library PCs]

This will toggle to the selected filter, i.e. Inverted or Grayscale

Color Setting need to be enabled in Ease of Access settings first.

Windows logo key + Ctrl + Enter Turn Narrator on or off

Windows logo key + Ctrl + N

[doesn't work on the library PCs]

Open Narrator settings
Windows logo key + Ctrl + S Turn on Windows Speech Recognition
Windows logo key + Ctrl + O Turn on the On-Screen Keyboard

This is not a complete list - more information can be found at the link below

Digital Accessibility

The JET Library provides a variety of electronic resources for students, faculty, and staff of Molloy. JET librarians and staff create accessible digital content such as video tutorials with closed captioning. In most cases, third-party vendors are responsible for providing accessible content in their databases, journals, videos, etc.

Summary for Streaming Video, Audio, or Image Collections

Vendor Accessibility Statements and more Vendor information