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Library 101

NEW! - LibNav (Library Navigator from StackMaps)

lib nav iconHow to use LibNav:

  1. On the left side, select a SUBJECT or a PLACE from the menu. This will show you the floors of the library where you can find that subject or place.

  2. You can also SEARCH for a subject or place in the search box. Ex: Literature.

  3. Choose a FLOOR MAP on the right to see the exact location on that floor of your subject or place. The location will be highlighted in PURPLE.

  4. Hover over a PLACE for a description, or a SHELF to see its call number range.

  5. Use the ZOOM feature to increase or decrease the size of the map. You can also move the map with your finger (on a mobile device) or with your mouse (on a computer).

Click on the home button icon button or the stack map logo logo to start over. Click on the Molloy College icon to return to the Library's website.


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