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Library 101: Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan - Setting up and Using Your ILLiad Account

Image of the Illiad logo from Atlas SystemsILLiad is a "paperless" and fully automated Interlibrary Loan system. This means forms will no longer have to be manually filled out when requesting books and articles. Instead, each person will have their own account, which can be easily accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Login to ILLiad now...

Once an account is established, users will be able to login to their account, request books or articles and monitor those requests. Once articles arrive, patrons will be also able to access .pdf copies of requested articles, as well as check due dates and renew books.

Below are basic instructions for the one time required setup of a patron account as well as an overview of the system itself.

From the library homepage, select the Interlibrary Loan link on the left side of the page.

Setting up an ILLiad Account for First Time Users

  • After clicking the link, you should be seeing the following:

Click on Take me there now.

  • You will be presented with a login screen with information about the system. After reading the information, click on the link that says "First Time Users Click Here"
  • The next screen that opens up will be a form titled: "First Time User Registration for Interlibrary Loan"

Read the information and then select

Once in the registration form it is important to include all required information indicated by the red asterisks.

If these fields are left blank or if improper information is submitted, the registration form will be returned with errors.

  • As an example, the system will not accept personal email addresses - the email MUST end with either or
  • The 14 digit ID number beginning with 21998 is also a requred field
  • Both of these items tell the system that you are a current student or employee of Molloy College and are therefore, eligible to make interlibrary loan requests.

Once you have sucessfully completed your reqistration, you are free to request books and articles; however, until your user account is approved by the Interlibrary Loan department these requests will not be processed.

  • New users are approved nearly every day, so this should not be much of a wait.
  • Once your registration is approved, you will receive a 'Welcome' email with "ILLiad New User Notification Registration" in the subject line that will confirm the information entered. At this point, users have the option of changing any information except for the username, barcode or molloy email.

When you have successfully registered, simply sign into ILLiad with your username and password.

Requesting Materials

Important! In order to ensure speedy processing, please be advised that your account cannot have any overdue items or open fines.

For example, if you wanted to request a book, on the left hand side under the heading New Request, simply click on the form for Book.

  • The red astericks indicate required fields - if any of these fields are left blank, the form will be returned with errors.
  • It is recommended that you cut and paste as much information as possible when filling out the required fields.

Important! This is the procedure if you are requesting an item that has NOT been found while searching in our catalog or one of our databases.

In other words - this is the long way to make an ILL request.

In most cases, you may be considering ILL because while attempting to connect to the full text of an article you received this message:

Choosing the "Request" link will take you to the ILLiad Login page.

  • Once the logon information is entered, the form for the requested book or article will be auto populated with nearly all of the required information.

This makes ordering material fast and easy!

Viewing the Status of Your Requests

From your account, via the "Outstanding Requests" table on the right hand side you are able to check the status of any item you have requested. On the left hand side, you will see options for requesting different types of material.

What is Interlibrary Loan Anyhow?

Illustration of the world with the words "Interlibrary Loan" and image of three books on itIf Molloy does not own the book or subscribe to a journal you are looking for, these items can be requested from Academic Libraries all over the United States. The ILLiad box to the left describes how students and faculty can establish an account and begin requesting books and articles.

Additional Things to Consider

Before initiating the request, think about the following:

  • ILL is not the solution if you require the material right away - books or articles can take up to three weeks to arrive at the library
  • Is the article truly unique enough where it is worth the wait? There may be numerous articles similar in nature that are available immediately in full text. Not sure? Ask a Librarian!
  • Are you sure we do not own or already have full text access to the material? Check for books. Check for articles (journal title, article title, volume, issue and page number(s) required).
  • You'll need a valid Molloy I.D. card that does not have any outstanding library fees.

Other things to know:

  • Items usually not available for loan include: Brand new materials, textbooks, reference materials, reserve materials, media, photographs, archival material, microfilm, primary documents, dissertations, rare books, entire issues of journals and materials from Special Collections.
  • Loan Period: This is determined by the lending library, so please pay careful attention to the due date once you receive the materials.
  • Renewals: Must be requested in advance of the material's due date and is at the descretion of the lending library.
  • Notification: When the requested materials are received at the library, unless otherwise indicated in the Preferred Notification Method of the ILLiad Patron Account, users will be contacted via their Molloy email address. Alternatively, you can check online to determine the status of any item from your ILLiad Patron account.
  • Copyright Restrictions: The library cannot process more than five articles from a single title per calendar year.