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Blended and Online Learning: Online Teaching Resources

This guide is intended for faculty teaching web-enhanced, hybrid and online courses at the post-secondary level.

General Teaching Resources

General Online Teaching Resources

  1. Molloy Library Open Education Resources (OERs) Libguide
  2. 5 Tips for Remote Teaching Article from Quality Matters
  3. Taking it Online: Virtual Teaching with Webinars article from eLearning Industry
  4. Award-Winning Faculty Online Teaching Practices: Elements of Award-Winning Courses journal article
  5. Online Learning Journal from the Online Learning Consortium and Begin Your Search
  6. Association of College and University Educators Online Teaching Toolkit
  7. Designing for Accessibility: How to Front-Load Your Digital Content with UDL Principles from Faculty Focus
  8. Designing Effective Team Projects in Online Courses from Faculty Focus
  9. Remote Teaching Resources includes a master list of resources on HOW to teach online
  10. How to Use Zoom Online to Teach Effectively
  11. National Communication Association Online Learning Resources
  12. Higher Education Crowdsourced Expert Resources with Commentaries includes communicating with students, delivering content online, ensuring accessibility, meaningful discussions, and online tests and assessments
  13. Quality Matters Accessibility & Usability Resource Site (AURS) includes information and discussion boards that allow anyone to ask expert accessibility professionals questions
  14. Accessibility Toolkit - Crowdsourced resources following the POUR (perceivable, operable, understandable, robust) framework
  15. Molloy College Library Liaisons by Subject/Department
  16. In-depth Guide: Using Zoom to Teach Online Class Sessions
  17. Zoom Teaching Best Practices
  18. Zoom: Teach Online Class Sessions
  19. Fostering Fun: Engaging Students with Asynchronous Online Learning

Art History, History, and Writing

  1. Kahn Academy Arts and Humanities YouTube Playlists includes History, Art History and Writing Playlists
  2. National Museum of Natural History Virtual Tours
  3. Oxford University Open Podcasts from the Department of History of Art
  4. Art History Libguide
  5. History Library Recommended Resources


  1. Teaching Lab Sciences and the Arts Online An article from Inside Higher Ed
  2. Merlot Virtual Labs includes resources for Science faculty throughout the world who are adopting virtual labs to engage students in learning through active participation rather than passive observation.
    1. Merlot Biology Labs
    2. Merlot Chemistry Labs
    3. Merlot Physics Labs
    4. Merlot Earth and Environmental Science Labs
  3. Teaching Anatomy Online with BodyViz
  4. Kahn Academy YouTube Biology Playlist
  5. Rice University Using BodyViz Video on YouTube
  6. LabXchange curated list of free and open-source content for both educators and learners. Virtual labs also available. Part of the Open edX platform.
  7. Free Anatomy Learning Content for Students and Instructors from Visible Body
  8. Kahn Academy YouTube Chemistry Playlist
  9. Kahn Academy YouTube Science and Engineering Playlist
  10. Biology Libguide
  11. Anatomy and Physiology Libguide
  12. Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Library Recommended Resources
  13. Pearson LabBench


  1. Kahn Academy YouTube Economics and Finance Playlist
  2. Harvard Business Cases
  3. A variety of curricular tools for professors from IGNITED Course Resources
  4. MIT Management Free Case Studies
  5. Business Management Libguide
  6. Economics Libguide

Computer Studies

  1. Kahn Academy YouTube Computing Playlist
  2. Scratch Programming Language is a free programming language from MIT
  3. NCWIT educator resources from the National Center for Women & Information Technology
  4. Computer Science Libguide

Fine Arts

  1. Art Images for College Teaching
  2. Teaching Online with Picasso article from Faculty Focus
  3. Teaching Lab Sciences and the Arts Online Article from Inside HigherEd
  4. Fine Art Libguide


  1. This isn't high school: Advice for Faculty Teaching first-year students
  2. Classroom Management of an Online First-Year Experience Course by Faculty Focus

Foreign Language

  1. Spanish Libguide
  2. Languages Libguide
  3. Yale University's Center for Language Study Online Teaching Tools and Resources page
  4. Sample Using VoiceThread for Foreign Language
  5. Sample VoiceThread: Virtual Tour of Berlin for Learning German
  6. American Sign Language: ASL Connect from Gallaudet
  7. ASL apps and resources


  1. "As Human as Possible" - Teaching Humanities online


  1. Merlot Math Labs
  2. Kahn Academy YouTube Math Playlist
  3. Math TV YouTube Playlist
  4. Mathantics YouTube Playlist
  5. Math Libguide


  1. National Association for Music Education Virtual Resources for Music Educators
  2. London Review of Education Journal Article, Teaching music online: Changing pedagogical approach when moving to the online environment
  3. Teaching Music Online in Higher Education Conference 2020 with a a virtual attendance option
  4. Music Libguide


  1. Learning Preferences and Engagement Level of Generation Z Nursing Students Video (2:53) from Nurse Educator
  2. Engagement Tools in the Online Classroom: Formative Assessment Video (1:49) from Nurse Educator
  3. Student Engagement in Online Nursing Classes (2:15) from Nurse Educator
  4. Faculty Perceptions of Online Teaching Effectiveness and Indicators of Quality from Nursing Research and Practice (2017)
  5. Innovations in Online Learning For Future Nurse Educators from Duquesne University
  6. Insights from the Field: Online Nursing Education in Higher Ed from the Online Learning Consortium
  7. Healthcare Management Libguide
  8. Allied Health Services Libguide
  9. Nursing Research Libguide

Social Sciences

  1. Teaching Psychology Online
  2. American Sociological Association Online Teaching Resources

Social Work

  1. Effectively Teaching Social Work Practice Online: Moving Beyond Can to How
  2. Teaching with Technology in Social Work from Social Work Today

Theatre/Performing Arts (including Dance)

  1. Teaching Lab Sciences and the Arts Online Article from Inside HigherEd
  2. How to Teach Online, A Practical Guide for Performing Arts Teachers hosted by Convergences Theatre Collective
  3. Theatre Arts Library Resources