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Blended and Online Learning: Faculty FAQs

This guide is intended for faculty teaching web-enhanced, hybrid and online courses at the post-secondary level.

General FAQs


General Online Resources

How do I get one-on-one assistance with my course design?

Email to request a one-on-one consultation with an instructional designer.

Where can I learn more about instructional design at Molloy College?

Visit us at

How do I get in touch with Technology Learning Services?

Email to reach a member of the Technology Learning Services Team.

Where can I learn more about Technology Learning Services?

Technology Learning Services has a robust set of video instructional guides and they can be found at their TLS YouTube Channel.

What headset should I buy? How much should I spend on a headset?

We recommend at minimum a wired USB headset, however headsets vary wildly in price depending on the type of headset as well as your needs. A wired headset can cost as little as $15, and a wireless headset can be upwards of $100 or higher. Generally, the more expensive the headset, the more comfortable the headset is and has more features it has. If you have speciality needs such as recording Panoptos, please consider a higher-quality headset or contact us for a recommendation.

Does Canvas offer 24/7 support for faculty and students?

Yes, Canvas offers instructor 24/7 support by chat or by phone at 833-204-0569.

Yes, Canvas offers student 24/7 support by chat or by phone at 844-408-6455

How can I contact the Molloy Helpdesk?

You can reach the Helpdesk by either dialing x4800 (516-323-4800), or by emailing them at  Their hours of operation and any additional information can be found on their website, Technology Support for Employees.


Synchronous Tools FAQs

Zoom Conferencing

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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a videoconferencing tool where instructors and students can meet online at the same time to interact in academic activities such as classroom lectures, student presentations, screen sharing and discussions.

How do I access a Zoom account?

You can begin using a free account right away or request a Pro/Licensed account by reaching out to Technology Learning Services at

What is the difference between a free and a Pro/Licensed account?

For a free account, there is a time limit on classroom meetings. Currently the time limit is capped at 40 minutes. However, you can schedule multiple 40-minute sessions with their students. A free account is unlimited for one-on-one sessions. There is no limit to the number of 40-minute sessions you can schedule in a row. A Licensed/Pro account has no time limit and can support groups up to 100 participants.

Can students present their projects while using Zoom?

Yes, students can share their screens during a Zoom session.

Am I required to record my meetings to evidence class has met?

No, you do not have to record your Zoom sessions. If you do record a session, ask your students for permission.

Can I share a PowerPoint presentation with my students?

Yes, Zoom allows the host to share a PowerPoint presentation.

Can I share my computer screen during a Zoom session?

Yes, you can share your screen during a Zoom session.

Can a guest lecturer attend my Zoom meeting?

Yes, guest lecturers can join a Zoom meeting, as long you provide the Zoom link with the presenter.

Can students work in groups while in a Zoom meeting?

Yes, you can use break out rooms with your students.  You can manually add students, or you can randomly place students in breakout rooms. More information can be found at Getting Started with Canvas Breakout Rooms.

What is the difference between a local and a cloud recording?

local recording stores the video file on your computer, where a cloud recording provides you with a link to easily share with your participants.

What technology is needed when students participate in a Zoom meeting?

It depends, but a microphone and speakers will allow students to participate through their device’s audio. For a student to participate with video, a webcam (camera) would be necessary.

Can my students or I share a Google Doc while using Zoom?

Yes, you would share your screen and navigate to the Google Doc for viewing by all participants.

Can I schedule a Zoom meeting prior to the start of class?

Yes, all Zoom meetings can be scheduled before the start of the meeting.

Can I show a video during a Zoom meeting?

Yes, by sharing your screen and allowing computer audio to be broadcast, you can play videos for your students during a Zoom session.

Can I create polls in Zoom?

Yes, however they need to be created beforehand from your scheduled meeting. Zoom has a tutorial for setting up and using polls available on their Support website.

Can I use Zoom for advisement appointments?

Yes, you can use Zoom for scheduled advisement appointments with students. We recommend you activate a Waiting Room. The Waiting Room feature allows you to control when a student joins the meeting. As the meeting host, you can admit students one by one or hold all students in the waiting room and admit them all at once.

How can I add additional security to my Zoom meetings?

Zoom has information on improving meeting security available on their website.

Where can I get more information on Zoom?

Visit the Zoom Help Center for more information.

Canvas Conferences (BigBlueButton)

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Can I schedule a conference prior to the start of the meeting?

You cannot schedule a conference prior to the start of a meeting.

What features can I use while using Conferences?

Some of the more popular features include screen sharing, chat and an interactive whiteboard.

Where can I get more information on BigBlueButton?

You can find more information by visiting Canvas Instructor Guide for Conferences.


Asynchronous Tools FAQs


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Can I use Panopto for class lectures?

Yes, you can record yourself, your screen, as well as a PowerPoint, by using Panopto.

Can I change what I am sharing after I begin recording?

Once recording begins, you cannot change your recording sources such as your webcam or screen.

Can I include a quiz with my Panopto lecture?

Yes, you can.  A quiz can be graded or ungraded. Information on adding a quiz to a video is available by visiting this article from Panopto.

Does Panopto have closed captions available for my students?

Yes, Panopto offers captions for videos. However, we recommend you review and edit the captions for accuracy. The Office of Blended and Online Learning recommend starting with a transcript before recording class lectures. This allows you to easily edit captions and the ability to upload the transcripts to ensure accessibility standards are upheld in your courses. Learn more about generating captions for you Panopto videos on their How to Add Captions into Video webpage.

Where can I learn more about Panopto?

Visit the Panopto support page for more information.


Canvas Classic and New Quizzes

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How can I deter cheating during online exams in Canvas?

There are many options in Canvas to deter cheating during online quizzes and exams. 

  1. Shuffling answers (note: if you use "Both A and B" or "All of the above" responses, then this option should remain unchecked).
  2. Shuffling questions (note: this is only applicable in New Quizzes).
  3. Setting a time limit for the exam.
  4. Showing one question at a time and lock questions after answering.
  5. Not allowing multiple attempts.
  6. Setting available from and to dates.
  7. Creating and using a Question Bank.
Can I set a time limit for my exam?

Yes, when you set up your Classic Quiz, you may select the option to limit the number of minutes for your exam.

Can I provide one or more students additional time while taking an exam?

Yes, through the moderate Classic Quiz feature, you can provide additional time to one or more students who require it.

How do I make an exam available for a limited amount of time?

There is an option for Classic Quizzes that allows you to limit the amount of time the quiz is available for student access. For example, you can provide as little as a few hours or a week for students to access the exam.

What is New Quizzes?

New Quizzes is a redesign of the Quizzes assessment tool with an easier-to-use quiz builder. The quiz builder you are already familiar with has been renamed "Classic Quizzes."

What has changed?

Instructure has a guide outlining the new features in New Quizzes, as well as a brief video.

Can I use LockDown Browser or Monitor with New Quizzes?

Not yet, but it should be available soon. If you wish to use LockDown Browser or Monitor, please use Classic Quizzes.

Can I convert Quizzes made in Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes?

Yes, for now. From the Quizzes section of your course, find the quiz you wish to convert. Click the three dots, then click "Migrate." Migration will take some time, and you will receive an email when migration is complete.

How do I create prerequisites for modules?

Canvas has a support article available which outlines adding prerequisites to modules in a course.

Where can I find more information on New Quizzes?

Instructure has prepared an FAQ, available on their website.

LockDown Browser and Monitor

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What is the difference between LockDown Browser and Monitor?

LockDown Browser stops students from accessing web browsers, copying, printing or open applications on their computers. Monitor requires students to use a webcam and records students taking an online exam.

How do I set up an exam using Respondus LockDown Browser and or Monitor?

After you have set up your quiz/exam in Canvas, make sure LockDown Browser is available on the left navigation bar. Click on LockDown Browser and select the quiz/exam to add LockDown or Monitor. Under settings, select LockDown Browser and or Monitor. For more information about setting up LockDown Browser and Monitor while using Canvas, check out the Respondus Quick Start Guide.

Do students require special technology to complete an exam using Respondus LockDown Browser?

Computers and iPads (if this option is selected) can be used to take exams with LockDown Browser. Chromebooks are not compatible.

Do students require special technology to complete an exam using Respondus Monitor?

In addition to the technology listed above, a webcam is required by students when completing exams with Monitor.

What is Live Chat Help for Respondus Monitor?

Live Chat Help is an additional troubleshooting step available to students if they are having pre-exam difficulties with the webcam and microphone check.

Where can students find Live Chat?

They can find it while working through the pre-exam checks for using a webcam within the LockDown Browser. They can click "It's Not Working" at any time to access Live Chat. It is also available from the Help Center by clicking the "Need More Help?" button.

Where can I find more information on the Live Chat tool?

Resources for students (and faculty) are available from Respondus's Student Resources site.

Where can I locate more resources about Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor in my classes?

Respondus offers many online resources, including frequent webinars for training.

Digital Accessibility Resources

Keeping Accessibility in Mind

Here are some quick tips for making your content more accessible:

  1. If recording with Panopto, write a script or transcript.  This will facilitate in creating automatic captions later on.
  2. If you have a headset, wear it while recording your lecture.  Automatic speech-to-text will be more accurate.
  3. Use contrasting colors in your presentations.  For example, light background with dark text.
  4. Use logical URLs.  Screen reader software will read them as links properly.  For example, Panopto guide to using captions vs.

This is not an all-inclusive list.  These are quick tips and suggestions.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Blended & Online Learning at, or check out W3C's accessibility guidelines.