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Library 101

Get to the know the library

How to Access Library Resources from Off-Campus

When you are off-campus and attempt to enter a subscription database or other electronic resource, you will be asked to log in. 

Option 1: Log in to Canvas and click the Library Link. This is the preferred method for Off-Campus access.

Canvas dashboard with arrow pointing to Library icon on the left side menu bar

Option 2: Start at the library's homepage and navigate to the database or resources exactly as if you were on campus.

  • Before you get to the resource (database, article, etc.) you will see the Login for Library  Access screen
  • Enter your username and password as you would to login to Canvas
  • Click the "Submit and continue " button.
  • That's it! At this point, you will be taken to the chosen resource.

Once logged in, you will be able to access any of the databases, collections, or eReserves remotely. As long as you are actively using the resource(s), you will not be prompted to log in again, even if you switch databases. If idle, the system times out after 30 minutes.

Note: The login method was updated in January 2017 to username/password instead of a 14 digit barcode.

Here is a sample of what the login page looks like.

login for library access screen

Problems connecting? If you receive strange errors or the system persistently hangs, check the information on this Error Messages page or Ask a Librarian.