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Evidence Based Nursing: Home

These are helpful resources to assist you to complete your assignments. Some of the resources that are available are: searching information, websites, databases, writing and citing, off campus access, books, renewing books and Nursing Theorists.

Welcome to the James E. Tobin Library

Welcome! This interactive guide serves as an introduction to resources in Evidence Based Nursing. These are helpful resources that will assist you in obtaining information regarding Evidence Based Nursing.  The electronic resources available to you 24/7, but there are many useful books and print journals available in the James E. Tobin Library, as well. If you need in-depth reference assistance for a research project, please do not hesitate to contact a librarian by catching us at the reference desk or call (516) 323-3910. You can also IM the subject librarian with Chat Reference.

Happy Researching!

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy