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Database, Journal, & Article Searching

This guide explains how to find and cite scholarly articles, as well as offers information on pdf vs html, article linking and much more.

Configuring Google Scholar From Home - A one time set up to view Molloy's holdings!

On-Campus Users:

No configuration is necessary. When you conduct a search within Google Scholar, articles that can be linked to full text will have a "Full-text @ Molloy" hyperlink at the right of the results as illustrated below:

sample search in Google Scholar which shows the Fulltext at Molloy link option

Off-Campus Users:

You can connect via the instructions in the GET IT FAST box yellow lightning bolt in black circle icon for Get It Fast or use the GoogleScholar search box provided on this guide. You can also manually configure Google Scholar on your home computer or laptop in a few simple steps:

Once you are in Google Scholar, click on the three vertical lines in the far left, then the gear icon for Settings
  1. Click "Library Links" and enter Molloy then click the "Search" button.
  2. Put a check in all available resources as indicated below
  3. Click SAVE to apply your changes

screenshot of google scholar settings showing the library links option and a search for Molloy college

In the "Search Results" settings, you can also select a bibliographic manager.

Setting Additional Preferences: While in the Scholar preferences, you may also want to take a moment to set the Search Language to English and if desired, 

Test your settings. Conduct a sample search. Links to Molloy should appear to the right, links to ProQuest and RefWorks appear below the citation as indicated in the first screenshot above. Didn't work? Use the methods indicated in the GET IT FAST box on the right.

Web of Science via Google Scholar

Web of Science has partnered with Google Scholar so that when one searches Google Scholar, a Web of Science link will appear under the result. You must get to Google Scholar using the library's A-Z database link, or be on campus, in order to see the Web of Science options shown below. As per the Clarivate website:

Web of Science and Google Scholar

Importing Citations from Google Scholar to a Citation Manager

For Zotero and Academic Writer:

Note:  To configure the export to Zotero or Academic Writer, you must configure Google Scholar by clicking on the Search Results and selecting RefMan as your default in the Bibliography Manager area.

  1. Conduct your search in Google Scholar. 

  2. Each record displayed will have an "Import into RefMan" link.  Clicking on the link will download the RIS file.

  3. Login to your Zotero or Academic Writer Account.

  4. Drag & drop, or import that RIS file into your Citation Manager.