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Database, Journal, & Article Searching

This guide explains how to find and cite scholarly articles, as well as offers information on pdf vs html, article linking and much more.

Finding Print & Online Journals - Does Molloy carry a journal I want?

This page describes how to locate electronic or print journals by title or subject. If you are interested in finding articles using keywords you are on the wrong page and can find information on that here. To access the Journal Locator and skip the tutorial, take me there now.

From the library's homepage, select the Journals/eJournals box within the grid on the right:

library homepage boxes screenshot

This brings you to the main interface for finding journals. You can search for a journal by title or subject. Alternatively, you can use Citation Linker if you know the DOI or the title of the article, journal title, volume and issue.

Searching for Journals by Title:

As you begin to type words in, the Journal Locator will begin suggesting titles. Note, the default setting is "Title Contains All Words" Choosing one of the options indicated, type in keywords from the journal title, the exact title or the 8 digit issn number. You may also browse for titles using the A-Z list.

journal finder screenshot

As an example, if you were looking for "The Atlantic Monthly", as you begin typing you would begin to see a list of suggestions. If you had just entered Atlantic, since you are searching "Title Contains all words" it would appear in alphabetical order several results down. TIP: If you know the precise name, change the initial search from "Title Contains All Words" to "Title Begins With" or "Title Equals"

journal results screenshot

So, results appear in alphabetical order - be sure you select the right one!

Note: If you are off campus, after selecting a database you will be prompted to enter your network or Canvas username and password. If you require additional assistance with this, please see Accessing Off Campus Resources.

Circled in green below, note that there are sometimes multiple databases to choose from, and that the dates of coverage can vary substantially.

Atlantic monthly multiple databases results

If accessing a journal electronically, once you click on the database of choice you can begin searching for articles. Get help on searching for articles. Also note, that if the library has the journal in print it will tell you that also.  A nice feature is that you can also leap into our Search Everything system by entering keywords in the area circled in yellow.

Searching for Journals by Subject:

You may also browse by subject to isolate journals within a specific category or even a specific medical category:

journal subject list

Using Art, Architecture & Applied Arts as an example, take note that journals are now broken into various subcategories:

journal broad subject list

The number in parenthesis indicates how many journals are in each subcategory. 

From here, the procedure is the same as searching by title, choose your database or visit the Library's periodical department to view the print copy of the journal.