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Media Requests

To request:

DVDs - Request through our online request form for books, periodicals, and dvds.‚Äč

Streaming Video Requests - For all streaming video title requests, please use the following online request form for streaming video. Swank has an in-platform request portal that can also be used. For more information on using the Swank request portal please see the PDF below.

An Overview of Streaming Vendors

It is extremely rare that the library will be able to purchase a streaming title – most streaming titles are only available for lease for a specified time period. There is little-to-no overlap between vendors, meaning each vendor has a unique title list and you can not get a video from any/all of the vendors.

Below is a list of currently approved vendors. If the vendor is not on the list, the library may or may not be able to get the streaming title. All requests are subject to budgetary restraints. Titles are NOT automatically renewed at the end of the lease period. It is best to plan ahead and submit all request prior to the start of a semester.

Films on Demand: FoD is for documentaries and includes mostly television produced titles. Titles are available streaming, on DVD, or both. While FoD does offer subject collections we currently only lease individual titles. To search the catalog, click here. Streaming titles are leased for 3 years.

Swank: Swank is for feature films, documentaries, foreign films, and limited tv shows. These movies are leased for a year. The library can typically lease 30 movies a year.

New Day Film: Titles can be leased, usually for 1 year and sometimes 5 years. Browse the catalog here

Ambrose Digital Video: Titles can be leased for 1 year. A series can be leased or a single title from the series. The catalog can be found here.

Docuseek2: Titles can be leased for 1 year or 3 years. The catalog can be found here.

Grasshopper: Grasshopper documentaries offer both the DVD and the digital site license which makes streaming possible. Visit the catalog here.


  • Kanopy is no longer an approved vendor. The library will no longer accept requests for titles from Kanopy. Once the current leases expire, they will not be renewed.
  • is no longer in business. The website is still available to watch already licensed films.

All leased titles will appear on the Streaming Databases LibGuide. Most titles are not cataloged so they will not appear in a JETfind search. Users must go to the Streaming Media LibGuide or select the appropriate vendor/database from the A-Z database list to watch titles.