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A guide to DigitalCommons@Molloy and the Molloy Faculty Profiles (Expert Gallery Suite).

Who can Submit Work?

Any individual that is associated with Molloy University - either directly or through one of the Special Programs, Centers, or Institutes.This includes students, faculty, staff, and administrators. 

What Type of Work Can I Submit?

In short, any material that is in digital form, including but not limited to text, video, image, and audio. If your digital object consists of multiple files of different formats, it will be placed in the repository as a set. There is no file type or size limit but note that text based files will be converted to PDFs; however, in some cases like with PowerPoints it is often helpful to save as a PDF before uploading to the DigitalCommons.

Examples of works that can be uploaded in the DigitalCommons@Molloy:

  • Articles (preprints, post prints, and publisher PDFs)
  • Book chapters (preprints, post prints, and publisher PDFs)
  • Books
  • Conference papers, presentations, posters
  • Data sets
  • Dissertations, theses, capstone projects
  • Grey literature or Working papers
  • Presentations (papers, PowerPoints, etc.)
  • Newsletters or Department publications
  • Multimedia (audio, images, video) 
  • Research projects, reports, etc
  • Technical Reports
  • University  publications, archival material, special collections

For unpublished and previously published works, when the series is on the Submit Research page, the submission agreement is found directly in DigitalCommons and must be read before proceeding with a submission.

For unpublished works, a release form may be required to allow your content to be displayed digitally. Release forms can be found below and are also in the FAQ of this guide. All release forms must be emailed to Tabitha Ochtera or the current DigitalCommons@Molloy curator.

Before Submitting Work:

Please check the Digital Commons collections page and ensure that:

  • Your Department or Office of School is listed
  • There is a Faculty Works section in YOUR department.

‚ÄčAs the Digital Commons grows and receives more submissions, more departments and sections will be added. If either your department or the Faculty Works section is missing, please contact Tabitha Ochtera before submitting any work.

After Submitting Work:

You will have access to the Author Dashboard. This will provide usage statistics for your works in the DigitalCommons@Molloy. PlumX metrics are also provided for any work with a unique identifier, i.e., DOI, ISBN, or digitalcommons URL

You will also receive monthly readership report emails. In the Author Dashboard, reports can also be set up to generate automatically which can be useful for Faculty promotion & tenure.

I'm Faculty, how do I get Started?

Step 1: Email your CV or publication list to Tabitha Ochtera to start. Really, that's it. Check the Molloy Faculty Profiles page for more information.

What about Student Work?

Student work is welcome and encouraged! This includes Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Graduate work.

All student work must go through a department; non-department approved submissions will not be accepted. Graduate Theses & Dissertations are the only student works that are automatically included in the DigitalCommons@Molloy after submission to ProQuest ETD.

Students are encouraged to contact their advisor or the department chair if they wish to include work.

If you are a faculty member or department (office or school) that is interested in sponsoring undergraduate or graduate non-ETD works, the general steps are:

  1. Meet with Tabitha Ochtera, or current Digital Commons curator, to discuss:
    1. design requests
    2. setup of the submission form
    3. upload procedure
  2. Determine in-department / School procedures for reviewing and approving student works

Below is a list of non-ETD series currently in the DigitalCommons@Molloy.


For more information about submitting your Electronic Theses or Dissertation, click on the link below.

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