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ETD Submission Guide: Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Publishing Overview

Describes the required steps for graduates to submit their work for inclusion into ProQuest's Dissertations & Thesis database.

Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Submissions (ETD)

Molloy College is pleased to offer a streamlined workflow for students to submit their thesis or dissertation for electronic publishing and inclusion in ProQuest's Dissertations & Theses full text database as well as Molloy's Institutional Repository. Simply select either the Process for Thesis or Dissertation tab to get started, or read below for some basic information. 

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General Information

What is an ETD?

An ETD is an Electronic version of a Thesis or Dissertation. An ETD is formatted just like a traditional thesis or dissertation (with pagination, tables, figures, references, etc.), but is saved as a PDF file and submitted electronically to the college via ProQuest's UMI ETD Administrator software. Once approved, your thesis or dissertation will be archived, stored, and made available via the DigitalCommons@Molloy, the library's JET catalog and ProQuest/UMI's Digital Dissertations & Theses database.

Are there any costs associated with submitting my ETD?

At the master's level, submitting your ETD is FREE  so long as: a) you are not interested in filing copyright ($55),  b) you choose Traditional Publishing as opposed to Open Access ($95) and c) you decline the option to order hard copies.

Note: Costs for copyright and open access can be avoided. For copyright license your content with Creative Commons - they offer a range of different licenses and there is no cost. It is also not necessary to pay for open access, as your work will become publicly available once it is added into Molloy's Digital Commons. These are the options recommended for Undergraduate student works and Master's Thesis.

As you go through the submission form, you will be presented with these options and informed of the various fees. If you do decide to add copyright, open access publishing or choose to order bound copies of your work, you'll be asked at the end of the submission process to provide a credit card to pay for any associated fees.

For Dissertations, you will be required to file copyright ($55) and order two bound copies for the institution ($43 ea). You may also choose to order additional printed copies for yourself. As with the Master's procedure, you'll be asked for a credit card at the end of submission process. As with the Thesis, it is not necessary to pay an additional fee for open access since it will become available in the Digital Commons after ProQuest has returned the final .pdf version to the library.

What are the benefits of ETDs?

An ETD makes your research immediately available to a broad audience, while reducing both printing/binding costs for you and processing/storage costs for the college. The electronic format is widely accessible and can incorporate a range of formats, including multimedia. 

Why do we want ETDs in Molloy's Digital Repository?

A primary purpose of any Digital Repository is to provide convenient access to one of the most important institutional assets of the college: the work product of our graduate and doctoral students. The Digital Repository offers prompt web-based access to these documents, greatly increasing the visibility of our students while also supporting and contributing to the mission of academic scholarship.

Why do we submit theses and dissertations to ProQuest/UMI if we have a local Digital Repository?

When you submit your thesis or dissertation to ProQuest/UMI, your document will be indexed in its Digital Dissertations & Theses database together with the research and scholarship of other institutions. If you choose ProQuest/UMI's Traditional Publishing option, submission is free (other fees may be applicable for other services). ProQuest/UMI theses and dissertations by Molloy's authors are available via a free download to our students and faculty via the library catalog or the digital repository.

As an alternative to the Traditional Publishing option (available for theses submissions only), ProQuest/UMI has created its own open access repository and for a fee of $95, Master's students may also choose to deposit their work there. 

Will submitting an ETD be time-consuming and/or complicated?

No. One of the primary goals of converting from print to electronic is to streamline the submission process for theses and dissertations. We anticipate that most users will be able to complete the ETD online form in less than 30 minutes.

What if I encounter problems during my submission?

Should you run into difficulties, ProQuest offers technical support via a number of contact methods. 

How can I check the status of my submission or order additional copies of my work?

Once the files have been sent by the Graduate School to ProQuest Dissertation Publishing, questions regarding status or changes can be directed to the Author and School Relations group at or 800-521-0600 option 3 for technical support, then option 1 for ETD.