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DigitalCommons@Molloy: Welcome!

A guide to DigitalCommons@Molloy and the Molloy Faculty Profiles (Expert Gallery Suite).

What is the Digital Commons@Molloy?

Welcome! DigitalCommons@Molloy is an institutional repository highlighting the scholarship of Molloy College students, faculty, and staff. DC@Molloy is administered by the JET Library with support from individual departments. It focuses on the success achieved when scholarship is reached while in accordance with Molloy College's Mission Statement.

The goal of an institutional repository is to collect the work of the College, creating a "one-stop shop" environment where faculty, staff, administrators, & students can easily access all of the great work done at Molloy. This also allows the world to see what we are doing because the Digital Commons is accessible via the internet (worldwide) and searchable through Google, other major search engines, and the Digital Commons Network.

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Introduction to the DigitalCommons@Molloy

DigitalCommons@Molloy Annual Summary

Open Access Scholarship via the Digital Commons Network

Search open access scholarly works published by Universities across the globe. Hover over the image to follow the link and then search or hover to find your area of interest. The wheel will automatically change to offer subcategories within each discipline. Performs best in Firefox browser.


Click the image to the left to go directly to the Digital Commons Network.

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 Created by Tabitha Ochtera, MLIS