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A guide to DigitalCommons@Molloy and the Molloy Faculty Profiles (Expert Gallery Suite).

Copyright Permissions Check Field (submission form)

One of the last fields you will encounter on the submission forms is the Copyright Permissions Check. There are three options:

  1. Open Access publication, upload allowed
    • Select this option if you published in an Open Access or Hybrid journal (or book) and your work has a CC License that was designated within that publication.
  2. Copyright held by author(s), upload allowed
    • Most common for unpublished works; however, some publications do allow the author(s) to retain their copyright without it necessarily being an Open Access Publication i.e. conference proceedings.
  3. Please check copyright permissions for me
    • Select this option if the work is published, not Open Access or you are unsure of the copyright status.

All submissions are mediated and will be checked by the current DigitalCommons@Molloy curator.