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A guide to DigitalCommons@Molloy and the Molloy Faculty Profiles (Expert Gallery Suite).

Associate Director, Head of Electronic and Digital Services

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Tabitha Ochtera
Semester hours: Mon. to Fri. 9am-5pm

How does it work with Google?

Check out these Google searches to see how highly ranked your profile could be! You're looking for the URL

The ranking is determined by several factors. You can control one of those factors by periodically updating your profile.

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Google Web Search

Below is information on creating a Molloy Faculty Profile (through bepress' Expert Gallery Suite / Selected Profile system). Information on other profiles and author metrics can be found on the Scholarly Publisher's Toolkit.

DigitalCommons / Faculty Profile Workflow

screenshot of the workflow

DigitalCommons and Faculty Profile Workflow simplified

Faculty Member:

  1. Email CV or Publication List to Tabitha
  2. Create account and/or profile at
  3. Edit the About and Information sections

Tabitha (or current administrator):

  1. Conducts CV review to check copyright permissions and reuse;
  2. Uploads works to DigitalCommons, if applicable
  3. Edits the Work section on the faculty's profile including:
    • Importing full-text from the DigitalCommons
    • Adding links and metadata

Works are NOT to be directly uploaded to a Profile by a faculty member. Any works directly uploaded, will be removed by the administrator. A CV review must be done before the Works section of your profile can be completed.

Video Tutorial: Create a Profile

Please note: the video tutorials say Molloy College. As of June 1, 2022 the correct institution is Molloy University.

Account creation

  • You must use your Molloy email address
  • You must agree to bepress' Terms of Service

Organization Area - ADD YOUR DEPARTMENT 

  • When creating your profile and adding your current position at Molloy it is important that you select your department, office, or center from the pre-populated list. Type 2 to 3 letters and then select your department. DO NOT fully type out your department, office, or center into the Organization box. 


  • When editing or adding Positions, remember to leave the "Affiliate my profile with this institution" box checked for your most current position at Molloy University If this box is unchecked, your profile will not appear on the Molloy Faculty Profiles page.

There are 3 badge options and they can be seen below. They allow for a gallery to be created that has just one, i.e. Media Contacts. The badges also give more options in the Contact button so users can select more than General as the reason for inquiry.

Note: if you are designated to be a Media Contact by your department or school, you must send any requests received to Ken Young, Assistant Vice President for Public Relations.

screenshot of media contact, collaborator, and mentor icons