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Digital Commons & Expert Gallery Suite: Expert Gallery Suite

A guide to Digital Commons at Molloy.

What is the Expert Gallery Suite?

The Expert Gallery Suite is Elsevier's newest addition and compliments the Digital Commons; it incorporates Selected Works profile pages with the ability to track statistics and highlight experts.   An expert gallery could represent the whole College, a School, Department, or Office. A Selected Works profile is similar to a biographical website or department homepage but the URL is permanent and the highlight is on scholarly work; it is not a social media site like LinkedIn.  View Audrey Cohan's SelectedWorks profile as an example.

Selected Works profiles provide scholars with a place to:

  • collect their biographical and bibliographical information
    • Import works currently included in DigitalCommons@Molloy and any other institution's DigitalCommons
    • List citations & links for works not in a DigitalCommons through the use of Microsoft Academic
    • Include Thesis & Dissertations that were earned at an institution besides Molloy College
  • highlight current courses being taught
  • connect and communicate with others in the field
  • attract or maintain research partnerships and funding

Note: Works are NOT to be directly uploaded to a Selected Works Profile by a faculty member. Any works directly uploaded, will be removed by the administrator. A CV review must be done before the Works section of your profile can be completed.


Create A Profile

Badges Available

There are 3 badge options and they can be seen below. Please contact Tabitha Ochtera if you would like to be designated as a Mentor or Collaborator.




  • Organization Area - ADD YOUR DEPARTMENT 
    • When creating your profile and adding your current position at Molloy it is important that you select your department, office, or center from the pre-populated list. Type 2 to 3 letters and then select your department. If it is not available then contact Tabitha Ochtera and she will add a controlled version of the department, office, or center name.  DO NOT fully type out your department, office, or center into the Organization box. With the recent restructuring of the Schools at Molloy, it is important to select your department from the prepopulated list. At this time, only the Deans will select their appropriate School.
  • Affiliation
    • When editing or adding Positions in the About section, remember to leave the "Affiliate my profile with this institution" box checked for your most current position at Molloy College.  If this box is unchecked, your profile will not appear on the Molloy College Expert Gallery page.
  • Works & Copyright

    • All published works must be uploaded to the DigitalCommons@Molloy then imported to your profile page. This is for 2 reasons:
      1. To avoid duplication of work and ensure that your work has 1 permanent URL.
      2. DigitalCommons@Molloy complies with publisher's copyright restrictions & permissions. Uploading work directly to your profile without this vetting could lead to copyright violation or infringement. If work is directly uploaded to your profile, without prior authorization, it will be removed.