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JET integrations in Canvas

Add a LibGuide through an Assignment

1) Choose Assignments from the list on the left. 
2) Choose + Assignment 
3) Fill out the assignment details
4) Choose External Tool under Submission Type
5) Click on Find
6) If necessary, hold and drag where indicated to expand the box
7) Choose LibApps from the menu
8) Choose LibGuides -

9) Choose the content type you want to add. You can choose form the following

- an entire LibGuide 

- a full page from a LibGuide

‚Äč- a single box 

- a list of all of our databases

- a list of subject specific databases

- a particular database

- a list of our newest databases. 

10) Choose the guide you want to embed
11) Click on Embed Content 
12) Choose Select 
13) Choose Save & Publish or Save