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JET Library Policies

policies and circulation/loan period information

Welcome to the JET Library!

The library should be an environment for study, reflection, reading, and research. Adhering to the following common-sense guidelines will help ensure that the library remains a safe, productive and respectful place for patrons and library staff.

Anyone found displaying disruptive behaviors may be asked to leave the library by staff or Public Safety. Disruptive Behaviors of this nature could result in either library privileges being revoked, or in extreme cases, further disciplinary actions.

The following behaviors are not permitted in the library under any circumstances:

  • Cell phone use for conversations or video chats
  • Loud conversations or abusive language
  • Threatening or harassing behavior to other patrons or library staff
  • Using or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Smoking of any kind - including e-cigarettes and vapes
  • Excessive loitering in the library


For more information, see the following sections:

Code of Conduct

Cell Phones

  • Use of cell phones in prohibited anywhere in the James E. Tobin Library at Molloy University
  • Please place your cell phone on quiet or vibrate.
  • If you receive a call while in the library, please exit the library before answering it.



  • Children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children are not to be left unattended in the library at any time.
  • Children who are disruptive (and the accompanying adult) will be asked to leave the library.



  • Food is not allowed in the library. 
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in a covered, spill-proof container or bottle are allowed.
  • Drinking is not permitted at/near:
  • Computers
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Aisles & Book Stacks
  • Please dispose of any beverage-related trash in the trash baskets located throughout the library.   Report any spills that may occur to library personnel immediately so that the spill can be cleaned as quickly as possible. 
  • Food may be consumed at other places on campus such as the Anselma Room, located on the 1st floor of Kellenberg Hall and the Public Square Coffee Bar and Quick Byte Café, both located on the first floor of the Public Square building. Food may also be consumed in the lounge area of Information Commons located on the second floor of the Public Square Building.


Lost and Found

  • Materials that are turned in at the Patron Service points are turned over to Public Safety (516.323.3500). Please inquire at the Patron Service points for lost materials.


Noise in the Library

  • The JET library is a place for learning and research and is designed to be a quiet & comfortable space. There are designated quiet areas that have a zero talking policy. The group study room is available for group learning and collaboration but noise levels need to remain low.
  • If a library patron complains of noise or disturbance to library staff, staff will ask the library patron(s) involved to move or lower their volume. If library staff receive a second complaint of the same patron(s), they will be asked to leave the library. If that patron(s) refuses, Public Safety will be called.


Personal Belongings

  • The library is not responsible for any personal materials that are left unattended by patrons of the library. Please take precautions to ensure the safety of your personal belongings ie. purses, computers, wallets, keys and other materials. Library staff cannot hold/pass along any personal materials ie. books, book bags, computers. The library does not take responsibility for theft, damage or loss of personal materials. Any unattended personal materials will be reported to Public Safety at 516.323.3500.