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JET Library Policies

policies and circulation/loan period information

Security Gates

There are security gates at the entrance to the library. The security gate will alarm when either entering or leaving the library with library-owned materials. If the alarm does sound, please see library staff.

In the event an alarm is triggered, the following procedure will be followed:

  • The patron will be asked if he or she has any library materials from the James E. Tobin Library. 
  • If so, the patron will be asked to present these materials to library personnel to confirm that the material(s) have been checked out and properly demagnetized. 
  • The patron will be asked to go through the security gate again without the library materials to see if alarm is sounded. 
  • The patron will also be asked if they have checked out materials from another library, as this too can trigger the door alarm.
  • If no alarm sounds on the second pass, the patron is cleared to leave the library with the checked out library materials. 
  • If the alarm does trigger, the patron will be asked to remove all materials from their bag and go through the security gates with the bag.

Note: The alarm can be triggered by materials other than library materials, including materials from other libraries. 

Collection Development (Last updated 2012)