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Zotero Basics

user guide for the citation manager Zotero

Introducing Zotero: Click image to get to the Download page

This guide will take you through the basics but there are many resources available at to help you learn Zotero. My advice is to install it and jump right in. Then, when you can't figure something out, check out Zotero's Support Page and Video Tutorials to help you. 

Zotero website screengrab- click to go to Zotero website and download

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Download the Zotero 5.0 desktop application
    • Download & Install on your personal computer(s)
    • Compatible with Windows,  macOS, Linux 32 & 6 
  3. Install Zotero Connector
    • web browser extension
    • Syncing enabled
    • Compatible with Chrome & Firefox
    • Safari 13: The Zotero Connector for Safari is currently unavailable for download due to Apple taking down the extension gallery.
    • The Zotero Bookmarklet may be used instead of Zotero Connector
  4. ​Sign in to your Zotero desktop application and authorize the Zotero connector



Special Thanks & Credit due

Special thanks to Nicholas Schiller and Lorena O'English from Washington State University for the use of their guides (Citation Management with Zotero and Zotero @ the WUS Libraries, respectively) in the creation of this one.