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Communications: News & Current Issues

This guide assists in offering resources and ideas for picking topics that are relevant to today's issues, including the explosion of social media and global communication.

Subjects and Keywords

Once you know your topic, when choosing keywords it's always a good idea to start broad and pare down. An excellent strategy for this is to take the exact words out of the Professor's syllabus or the table of contents if there is an assigned text.

Example keywords:

  • digital divide
  • social media
  • government propaganda
  • gender communication
  • media influence
  • global censorship

TIP #1: once you have your results, sometimes it is helpful to set the SORT BY dropdown to Date (Newest First)

TIP #2: once in JETfind, changing the format on the left-hand side to ALL FORMATS will bring up a subset of available articles and media within the same subject area

TIP #3: these keywords are an excellent start for articles in databases as well!