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Freshman Studies Resource Guide

Directions on finding books in the catalog

The Molloy College Library contains over 100,000 items, this includes not only books but videos/DVD's, instructional materials, and more.

Finding Print Books in the Catalog:

From the Library homepage, simply type your title or keyword(s) into the box. Ensure the "Books and Videos" tab is highlighted

For ebooks, select the "Articles &ebooks" tab.Type the keyword(s) into the search box and click Find and Go:

A list of all the material containing those keywords will appear. Each item represents a separate record.

  • The result indicates whether the book is available or not, as well as its location in the library stacks.
  • Clicking into the title hyperlink will lead you to information regarding the author, publisher, ISBN, contents and subject.

Finding Books within the Library:

  • Every book has a call number. The Library's collection is arranged by the Library of Congress Classification and the call number will be a combination of letters and numbers.
  • If the location indicates it is available and in the Circulating Collection, the book can be checked out.
  • Login to place a hold on the book for pick up when you come to the library.
  • If the location is listed as Reference, Special Collections or Reserves, the item can only be viewed on the library premises (i.e. it cannot be checked out)..

  • This link (courtesy of the University of Arizona Library) clearly explains how to read a call number and successfully locate your book in the stacks, see the Call Number tab contained within this guide.
  • Use the map of the Library Floor Plan to assist you in locating your book once you have the call number.

Things to consider:

The search option you use will depend on what you already know:

  • By Title - if you know the exact title of the book
  • By Author - if you know the name of the author (be sure to enter it last name, first name)
  • By Subject - if you want to look at all the books under a specific category (often a good place to start if you're not sure of your topic)
  • By Keyword - if you want to find a specifc word or phrase in any part of a book's catalog record.


Got Text?

Text info from any book right to your cell phone from Molloy's catalog.

Why in the world would you want to do this?

Texting call numbers to your cell phone can be a convenient way to research for a number of reasons. If you are browsing the catalog from home, loading the book's location into your phone makes it very easy to retreive it once you are in the library. Additionally - and whether you're in the library or not -  texting the information also means you won't have to print each record out or write down the precise call number(s). Lastly, it's a 'greener' way to go!

Once you are at the title level of any journal of book, you'll see a number of export options available, including Text. Simply enter your phone number, carrier and select send text. That's it!

Subjects and Keywords

Illustration of a filterGeneral Search Strategies

  • Start broad and pare down - it is always easier to narrow a large amount of results than it is to increase
  • Use subject hyperlinks whenever possible - this will help you to navigate throughout the catalog and databases
  • Limit the amount of words when phrase searching - you really should not enter more than three words; if it's an actual phrase, put quotes around it.
  • If you are using boolean operators such as AND or OR - remember that AND will limit results and OR will increase results
  • Call numbers are utilizing the Library of Congress classfication system - which basically is a good thing because subjects are grouped together - so once you find one good book, you will likely see similar related titles to the left and right of it.

Once you have entered keywords and have a list of results

TIP #1: once you have your results, sometimes it is helpful to set the SORT BY dropdown to Date (Newest First)

TIP #2: changing the format on the left hand side to ALL FORMATS will bring up available articles within the same subject area

Understanding Call Numbers

How do I Read a Call Number?

In addition to the location, you will need to know the book's call number, which will lead you to where the book sits on the shelf. The Library's collection is arranged by Library of Congress Classification and the call number will be a combination of letters and numbers.

In the catalog, this book appears as:

Bryant, Edward
Tsunami : the underrated hazard.

Location Call # Status
Main Stacks GC221.2 B78 2001 Available

How to read call numbers

If you can't find a book where you think it should be, ask a librarian for help.

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