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Presidential Elections


A collection of red, white and blue buttons, some of which say Vote, some say 2016

Election buttons

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All of the Republican presidential hopefuls stand behind podiums at a debate

Republican presidential hopefuls debate in Ohio

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Hillary Clinton is on the left of the picture, smiling and shaking outstretched hands

Hillary Clinton greets supporters at a rally

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Two men face each other in a crowd, yelling at one another

A protestor and a supporter argue at a Trump rally

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Donald Trump on the cover of Time magazine

Donald Trump on the cover of Time magazine

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A political cartoon showing the outline of a donkey in black. A caricature of Hillary Clinton is by the donkey's head and a caricature of Bernie Sanders is lower down on the donkey. The caption reads

Cartoon depicting the "head" and the "heart" of the Democrat party

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A large line of people wait in a parking lot

Arizona voters wait to cast their ballots in the primary elections

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A large group of people wave Sanders flags, Bernie Sanders can be seen in the distance on stage addressing the crowd

Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally in Texas

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Caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

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Candidate websites

Donald Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" is written in white on a blue field with a red border


The logo for Hillary Clinton's campaign (a blue H with a red arrow over it) that says "Hillary for America" sits on a white background

 (Note: Gary Johnson's website has been taken down)

Jill Stein's logo: On a white field, green writing says Jill2016 with a yellow sun coming out of the 0