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This brief video tells you everything you need to know and in some cases, contradicts some of the other material on this page. You choose what's best!

Image Search Engines

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Appropriate imagery can make or break a presentation. 

Here are suggestions for some of the better image search engines.

Tips for a Sucessful Presentation

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Less is more!

  • Use short bullet points as opposed to long unwieldy sentences
  • If you have to reduce the default font to fit all of your points onto the slide - it is likely you either have too much information or need to break the information up into multiple slides
  • Don't get too fancy with your template or go overboard embedding images, keep the interface clean and legible!

Use the PowerPoint Notes Feature

  • Screen reading slides is boring for both you and your audience, use concise bullet points and put your "script" into the notes section PPT provides. This will help with the following:
    • It should put you more at ease because you won't have to worry about forgetting what you want to say
    • It helps you keep a proper pace to your presentation - nerves have a way of making presentations come across as too disorganized, too fast or too slow

Rehearse Beforehand

  • Once you are at ease with your content, your expression and flow will improve
  • By taking the time to rehearse your presentation, you will often find "glitches" that otherwise would've been discovered in front of a live audience
  • Be sure to test any links or embedded videos to make sure they work
  • Think about how you will introduce and end your presentation; summaries in both the beginning and the end help emphasize your content
  • If you intend on having a Q&A session at the end, ensure that you have allotted time for it and state this upfront so you won't be interrupted midway.


  • Sometimes it is helpful to distribute a handout of your presentation. If you do, it is suggested you print out your PPT as a handout - meaning there will be 3 slides on each printed page and lines to the right of each slide for people to take notes
  • Print Notes Pages for yourself. This will include both your script and each slide you are presenting
  • More PPT Presentation advice, courtesy of San Jose State University

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