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Critical Thinking About Sources

How trustworthy is your source?

How trustworthy is your source? chart

How good are you at spotting Fake News?

Factitious is a game where you can test your ability to identify true and false stories based on the credibility of its source. Click on the picture below to play.

Still not sure?

Look it up by name via Simply enter the website or media outlet and this site returns information on typical content, as well as a  Left to Right bias rating scale. Additionally, you can also view Questionable Sources, including fake news, hate sites, or those rated as Least Biased. 

The example above represents the rating for the website buzzfeed. Read the review.

Did that really happen?

question mark Validating Information in Websites or Emails via

The best mythbuster out there is a website called Simply type your 'urban myth' into snopes and it will likely tell you whether the legend / rumor is true, false or somewhere in between.

  • Example: You have received the following 'chain' letter email:
  • There is a lot more to this email as you will see. It was very heavily distributed during Sept. 2009.

Here is what Snopes has to say about exploding pyrex.

The response also provides the email in its entirety, the origins of the rumor and any sources used to determine the validity of the claim.

This site is not limited to email hoaxes. It also has a lot of information that shed light on confusing political sound bites and many other topics as well.