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Critical Thinking About Sources

The Research Process

The Research ProcessResearch Process illustrated as a path with signs

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Find background information
  3. Select a research question
  4. Develop a tentative thesis
  5. Find out what evidence you need
  6. Search and find evidence
  7. Evaluate the evidence
  8. Read and analyze evidence
  9. Create your product

Peer Review Process

The Peer Review Process (simplified)

  • The process starts with an idea, theory or hypothesis.
  • Then it is researched and written about.
  • A manuscript or proposed article is sent to a journal editor.
  • Once the editor confirms the manuscript is within the journals scope, the manuscript is sent to 3 to 5 peer-reviewers who are experts in the field that the manuscript covers.
  • The peer-reviewers then determine whether or not to accept the manuscript, ask for revisions before publishing or reject.

Peer Review Process timeline with images

Scholarly Communication

chart of the process and components of Scholarly Communication