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Video game industry research: Home


A black Playstation 4 slim console with controller

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A black Wii U controller and console on a white background

Nintendo. (n.d.). Wii U [Digital image]. Retrieved December 11, 2017, from

Arcade games

A boy stands in front of a Q-bert arcade console, his hands are on the controls but he has turned his head to face the camera. Other vintage aracade consoles including Jungle Hunt, can be seen in the background.


White Xbox One S console with controller in front of a white background

Microsoft Corporation. (n.d.). Xbox One S [Digital image]. Retrieved December 11, 2017, from


A boy sits on a wooden bench in front of a black white wall. He is playing a handheld video game. He is wearing a black shirt, jeans and sneakers. He has his legs crossed.

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images. (n.d.). Handheld video games are perfect anytime you have to sit and wait. In Salon. Retrieved May 21, 2012, from

PC gaming

A close up of a desktop computer with a videogame on it. Hands can be seen playing the game, but the rest of the person is out of the frame.

The Sims Medieval

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