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The Dominican Order


Picture of St Dominic wearing a brown hood and pointing up with one finger. A trace of a halo can be seen on top of his head

St. Dominic by Titian

Titian. (1565). St. Dominic [Painting found in Galleria Borghese, Rome, Italy]. Retrieved from

Stained glass window depicting St Dominic holding a rosary

Stained glass depicting St. Dominic from Carlow Cathedral

Franz Mayer & Co. (18th century). St. Dominic [Painting found in Carlow Cathedral, Carlow, Ireland]. Retrieved from

A street scene at dusk, there are lots of people on the street taking pictures. A parade runs down the middle of the street showing three different St Dominic statues

Celebration for the 800th anniversary of the Dominican preachers in Lima, Peru

Chong, M. A. (2016, March 19). [Lord of St.Catherine of Siena Sanctuary, Angustias Virgin and St. Martin de Porres' Procession. Lima, 2016. 800th Anniversary - Saint Dominic Iubilaeum]. Retrieved from

A painting of Saint Catherine. She is holding a crown of thorns, a book, and a bouquet of lilies. A halo surrounds her head.

St. Catherine of Siena by Domenico Ghirlandaio

St. Catherine of Siena Separate School. (n.d.). Saint Catherine of Siena [Digital image]. Retrieved from

An extremely opulant tomb covered in marble sculptures, surrounded by more marble statues set into the wall behind it.

The Arca di San Domenico created and enhanced by Nicola Pisano, Niccolò dell'Arca, Michelangelo, and Alfonso Lombardi

Pisano, N., Dell'Arca, N., Michelangelo, & Lombard, A. (1264-1532). Arca di San Domenico [Painting found in Basilica of Saint Dominic, Bologna, Italy]. Retrieved from

St. Dominic stands in front of a gold background, in one hand he is holding an open book, in the other some lilies

St. Dominic from the Perugia Altarpiece by Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico. (1437 or 1438). St. Dominic from the Perugia Altarpiece [Painting found in Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria, Perugia, Italy]. Retrieved from,_Side_Panel_Depicting_St._Dominic.jpg

A black and white seal. In the center is a shieod, on top a star. Around the bottom it says in a banner laudare benedicere praedicare

Favicon of the seal of the Dominican Order

Dominican institute of Toronto. (2014, December 10). [Seal of the Order of preachers]. Retrieved from

St. Dominic

St. Dominic

Dominic was born in 1170 in Caleruega, Spain. He received his education in Palencia. News of Dominic's virtues reached the Bishop of Osma, who summoned Dominic and made him a Canon Regular of his church. Lead by Diego de Acebo, the prior of the community, he learned the basics of religious life and contemplation.

Diego became bishop of Osma and invited Dominic to travel with him as he spread the Gospel. Together in 1206, both men offered  Pope Innocent III their services to save souls. The pope asked them to go preach to the Cathars of Languedoc. Contrary to the habits of the Cistercians, Dominic and Diego roamed the villages of Languedoc on foot, begging their bread.

Diego soon died, but Dominic continued to preach with the help of a community that had gathered in 1207 and was comprised of women who fled the Cathars and lived the common life in Prouilles. To  preach the gospel better, in 1215 Dominic moved on to Toulouse with a few companions that were bound to him by profession. Soon they adopted a rule of life, based on that of St. Augustine. In a bull entitled Religious life, dated December 22, 1216, Pope Honorius III confirmed the Order as an Order of Canons Regular. In 1217 Dominic dispersed the brothers two by two to further the preaching mission. To train the best brothers in the preaching, Dominic chose to settle in two large university cities: Paris and Bologna.

Dominic continued to travel between Spain and Rome to establish the Order's foundation. In 1220, delegates of the brothers gathered in Bologna to approve the first constitutions, the first laws governing the operation of the college. Dominic died in Bologna in 1221. (2015). St. Dominic. Retrieved from