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Databases A-Z Non-Proxied: Home

Use this guide if there is a problem when you attempt to connect to a database and the system times out or presents an error message. For off campus issues, follow the instructions in the box on the left. For all others, pick a letter and go!

Off Campus Solution!

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In the event there is an issue accessing databases from off campus, you can still connect to Ebsco, ProQuest, GALE, Credo Reference and other resources. Use this if you are unable to authenticate via the normal way by simply using the links below.


For the links below you will be prompted to enter the 14 digit code on the back of your Molloy ID card.

For the links below, you will be prompted to add your network or Canvas username and password.

For the links below, you will be prompted to find the Molloy or JET libray.

Catalog Workarounds

If patrons cannot get to the catalog from the library homepage, the direct links are below, OR choose the Homepage Search Box.

Access to Other Resources

These links will connect directly into the system as indicated and bypass the homepage. All resources, with the exception of the Lion's Den can also be reached via the Homepage Search Box tab above.

A-Z Listing: How it Works if Normal Connectivity Has Been Lost

Image of start position on a board gameIf you know the name of the database, use the tabs above to navigate to your resource. If the database begins with a number (as opposed to a letter in the alphabet), choose the # tab.

If you are here because there is a connectivity problem and don't know the name of the database, you can still go to the Databases by Subject guide, select the name of the desired database and return to this page to access it.

Off Campus Users: Follow the instructions in the box on the far left.

A simple search box interface is also available here

Why am I here??

Yikes! Where did the library homepage go?Shocked emoji


If you see this as the libguides or library homepage, then that means we are currently experiencing authentication issues with our databases and/or we have lost the connection to Molloy's server.


If you simply want to browse the traditional libguides interface, go here to browse by guide, subject or librarian, or click on the frowny face on the left.


This page bypasses the error that is occuring and allows students and faculty to research databases while on campus.  

Remote users will be able to connect to databases by following the instructions from the Off Campus Solution! box on the left.

Select the Homepage Search Box tab above to restore the search interface normally seen in the center of the library homepage. This will enable you to get to the majority of resources with a single click. It is recommended you use the A-Z tabs above to access the databases. Don't know the name of the database? Read the A-Z Listing: How it Works instructions in the box directly below this one.

Need access to other resources? See the boxes below to search the catalog, Lions Den, reserves and more.