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MOOCs & OERs: What's a MOOC?

Information about MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) and OERs (Open Educational Resources)

What's a MOOC?

"MOOCs – massive open online courses – are loosely modeled on traditional college courses. The immediate differences are clear in the name – massive (high enrollment, dispersed geographically), open (articulated to free and accessible), and online (web-based facilitation, although for many online also signifies non-human and non-residential). MOOCs are mostly non-credit granting and mostly free. Weekly video lectures anchor courses, around which crowd-sourced homework and Blackboard-like forums orbit. Social media serves as digital TA. Most MOOCs are taught by faculty or instructors at traditional four-year universities worldwide. Three organizations – Coursera, Udacity, and edX – currently dominate the field."
Word cloud in browns, maroons, and oranges with words like MOOC, course, college, crowd-sourced, college, etc.

"Online Learning, En Masse" from the New York Times