A guide to DigitalCommons@Molloy and the Molloy Faculty Profiles (Expert Gallery Suite).

Before Submitting Work

Please check the Digital Commons and ensure that:

  • Your Department or Office of School is listed
  • There is a Faculty Works section in YOUR department.

‚ÄčAs the Digital Commons grows and receives more submissions, more departments and sections will be added. If either your department or the Faculty Works section is missing, please contact Tabitha Ochtera before submitting any work.

After Submitting Work

Where do I start?

Step 1: Email your CV or publication list to Tabitha Ochtera to start. Really, that's it. Below is a detailed list of steps including profile creation.

DigitalCommons / Faculty Profile Workflow

screenshot of the work flow

DigitalCommons and Faculty Profile Workflow simplified

Faculty Member:

Tabitha (or current administrator):

  • conducts CV review
  • Uploads works to DigitalCommons, if applicable
  • Edits the Work section on the faculty's profile

Works are NOT to be directly uploaded to a Profile by a faculty member. Any works directly uploaded, will be removed by the administrator. A CV review must be done before the Works section of your profile can be completed.

6 Reasons To Submit Your Work

  1. Zero Cost Submissions
  2. Copyright Compliant: All works are checked by a librarian prior to upload to ensure copyright compliance.
  3. Statistics: Access to your own personal Author Dashboard and monthly emails.
  4. Digital Archive: Submissions have a permanent URL! Never search for your own work again
  5. Worldwide Exposure: Readers from all over the world can find your work via Google & other search engines.
  6. Import to Expert Gallery Suite: display your work in a visual way on your SelectedWorks Profile, in Molloy's Faculty Profiles

Who can submit?

Any individual that is associated with Molloy University - either directly or through one of the Special Programs, Centers, or Institutes.This includes students, faculty, staff, and administrators. 

If your work is NOT published then you will need to fill out a release form to allow your content to be displayed digitally. For works with one author/creator please click here; for works with multiple authors/creators please click here. All release forms must be emailed to Tabitha Ochtera and submitted as an Additional File with your work.

Self-Submissions to DigitalCommons Powerpoint

This PowerPoint presentation includes step-by-step instructions for faculty submissions. For a larger view, click on "Open in New Window" on the lower right corner of the PowerPoint.

This LibGuide is licensed CC - Attribution

 Created by Tabitha Ochtera, MLIS