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Digital Commons: Embedded Galleries Examples

A guide to Digital Commons at Molloy.

Embedded Galleries

There are many different options for embedding galleries into websites - such as a department website.

Below are just a few examples of the different filters that can be applied when creating a gallery to embed.


Molloy College: All Experts

This gallery has no filters applied. It shows all of the profiles currently available in Molloy's Expert Gallery Suite.

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School of Business (Organization) Faculty (Position)

This gallery is very specific and uses both the Organization and Position filter. It shows only faculty members with the School of Business.

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School of Education (Organization)

This gallery is for the School of Education. This will show all profiles that have the Organization School of Education.

Mentors (Badge)

This gallery uses an identifying badge, not a filter. The badges currently available are Mentor, Collaborator, and Media Contact. 

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