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JET Library Policies

policies and circulation/loan period information


The media collection (DVDs and CDs) is located at the second Patron Services access point on the first floor of the library within Patron Services/Rochelle Sager Media Center area. Signage within the library will direct you to this area.

There is no charge to use media; however there are fees for media materials that are not returned. Any fees associated with materials not returned to the library are the responsibility of the cardholder.

The entire media collection is now available to be borrowed by all patron types.

A valid Molloy ID card is required to check out any media materials. Patrons without a valid Molloy ID card will be asked to provide information to verify they have an active library account.  If a patron is not in the library system, they will not be permitted to take media materials out of the library. 

ID cards may be obtained at the Public Safety, 516.323.3500.

To view the media collection in the library, patrons can purchase headphones for one dollar if they do not already have them. These materials can be viewed at the following places within the library:

* Library Instruction Rooms are primarily used for Library Instruction sessions.  These rooms are available for patron use unless a library instruction session is in progress. If a room is unavailable, please see library personnel for assistance.

Signage within the library can direct patrons to the above locations.

Loan Periods and Fees for Media


Patron type Material type Loan period Renewal period Max # of items Max # of renewals
All Patrons Media 7 days 7 days 4 1




Patron type Material type Cost for replacement 
All Patrons Media Cost of material