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Foundations in Education: Home

Examines current topics in educational theory and practice, offering links to educational organizations and NYS data on school districts.

Contemporary Topics

Assistive Technology

Behavior management

Character Education



Differentiated Instruction



Equal Access

Exceptional children

Gender Equity


Race and ethnicity in schools

Social/Emotional Literacy

Values Education

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Educational Methodology

Blended learning

Evidence-based practice

Inclusion (not Self-contained)

Inquiry Teaching

Mental Models

Project-based learning

Assessment of student outcomes




NYSED (New York State Education Department)

NYSTART (Links to Report Card)

ASCD ((formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)

New York State School Boards Association


Analyzing Schools/Districts

The following is a list of topics to consider when analyzing a school district. Look for these on a school's webpage.

     Mission Statement

     Guiding Ideas

     Shared Vision

     Curriculum alignment (with goals)


RSS feed - PEW Charitable Trust - Stateline

States are listed in alpha order

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Educational Theorists

The list below contains basic search results from Molloy via WorldCat. For more specific resultls, consider using alternative search terms, refining your search by expanding or narrowing the topic and searching a variety of materials and databases. 

Howard Gardner

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