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Writing and Citing: Citing/RefWorks

The New ProQuest Refworks

For more information regarding the new Refworks platform, visit:

What is RefWorks?

Here are four reasons you might consider using this time saving tool: 

  • RefWorks citation manager stores any type of cited references in one convenient spot and individual folders can be created for various projects.
  • Each citation generally includes hyperlinks back to the article's full text.
  • Nearly every database and library catalog offers a one click export option, so citation information will not need to be copied down. Just Look for the word "EXPORT" in the databases or catalog, then choose: "Export to RefWorks".
  • Best of all, because RefWorks understands most common citation styles, it formats your bibliography for you as a word document. 

Don't have an account? Get one today by selecting the RefWorks 2 link below!

    Exporting to RefWorks

    How do I save searches to a book bag? How do I export to RefWorks?

    Click on the Add to Book Bag icon on the right side of the page to put that particular source into your temporary storage folder. Note: You do not need to set up an account. When you are ready to export, click on the book bag icon at the top of the screen . Select the item you wish to export and then click on export selected. Provide a title and select Refworks as your format and then choose export. Unfamiliar with Refworks? Click here to learn more about it.