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Business: The Search for Sources

Subject and Keyword Strategy

Once you know your topic, when choosing keywords it's always a good idea to start broad and pare down. An excellent strategy for this is to take the exact words and/or concepts directly out of the syllabus or the text's table of contents. As an example, try cutting and pasting these keyword/keyword combinations into the above box.

Can you think of more? If you have found keywords that have worked please add them to the comments section below!

TIP: once you have your results, sometimes it is helpful to set the SORT BY dropdown to Date (Newest First)


Finding Books in the Stacks

The following represents suggested subject terms within the field of Business. It's important to know that once you find a relevant subject area for your research, you will also find all of the other relevant books grouped around it. Additionally, the call number would be the same whether you are looking in the reference area (dictionaries and encyclopedias) or in circulating books (things you can check out and take with you).

QR codes replace Text It option

Instead of texting, the new JETfind uses QR codes and permalinks. 

Snapping a pic of the QR codes will open the item to your phone's web browser. If you are browsing the catalog from home, loading the book's location into your phone makes it very easy to retrieve it once you are in the library. Additionally - whether you're in the library or not -  QR-ingi the information also means you won't have to print each record out or write down the precise call number(s). Lastly, it's a 'greener' way to go!

Just open your smartphone's camera, hover over the QR code and the rest will happen automatically.


screenshot of search result page with the QR code icon

screenshot of QR code for items

Have You Read It?

The books everyone is talking about...