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Definition of an Abstract

Many publishing companies and professional associations outline the requirements for writing abstracts within the author submission guidelines.  Here is a sampling of information about writing abstracts.

Definition of a Citation

Definition of A Cumulative Index

A cumulative index often compiles citation information from a variety of sources and arranges the information in some type of hierarchy, such as a subject hierarchy. Note: citation information usually includes who wrote the work, the title of the work, who published it, and when it was published.

In this example, note that the main subject category is Scotland. One book is listed, written by Ramsay, and published by McCLurg Publishing Company.

The main category can be broken down into subcategories, such as Church History, Description and travel, and History. Note how under Church history, two different books are listed, one from Scribner publishers, one from Longmans.  




Cumulative indexes are often organized by date ranges, so one volume may cover 2006-2007, and another volume may cover 2000-2001.  Using a cumulative index requires the researcher to look into all relevant volumes for the relevant publication information.

Cumulative indexes do not usually tie in with individual library holdings.  The researcher would have to consult the book catalog and periodical holdings list to determine availability at the home library.

What is a Back of the Book Index?