About JET Library: Library Directory

Library Directory

Main Number: (516) 323-3910
Archives & Special Collections 323-3223
Patron Services 323-3913
Information Commons 323-3932
Interlibrary Loan and Reserves 323-3914
Learning Commons 323-3296
Reference Librarian Desks 323-3912 or 323-3933
Suffolk Center Extension Library 323-3584 

Click on a name to pull up their profile which includes more information, subject areas, and a LibChat option (when available).

Staff Librarians Title / Department Phone Email
Judy Drescher Library Director 323-3925 jdrescher
Susie Bloom Associate Librarian, Head of Instructional Services 323-3927 sbloom
Wenhui Chen Assistant Professor, Suffolk Center Librarian 323-3584 wchen
Marianna Czeisel Electronic Resources Librarian 323-3919 mczeisel
Tim Hasin Associate Librarian, Head of Technical Services 323-3921 thasin
David Nochimson Access Services Librarian 323-3928 dnochimson
Tabitha Ochtera Associate Librarian, Head of Electronic and Digital Services 323-3917 tochtera
Nicola Palumbo Associate Librarian, Head of Reference Services 323-3929 npalumbo
Brianna Paoli Archives & Special Collections Librarian 323-3197 bpaoli
Theresa Rienzo Associate Librarian, Health Sciences Librarian 323-3930 trienzo
Staff Title / Department Phone Email
Nancy Anzalone Administrative Coordinator, NYS Notary Public 323-3926 nanzalone
David Bitet Library Technician / Technical Services 323-3922 dbitet
Gillian Demetriou Library Technician / Information Commons 323-3932 gdemetriou
Tara Gold Interlibrary Loan & Reserves Coordinator / Technical Services 323-3915 tgold
Donna Headley Library Assistant / Patron Services 323-3918 dheadley
Bruce Koehler Cataloging & Acquisitions Coordinator / Technical Services 323-3916 bkoehler
Shanta Ramsing Library Technician (Weekends) / Technical & Patron Services 323-3913 sramsing
Richard Wolffe Library Assistant / Patron Services 323-3913 rwolffe

The per-diem reference and instruction librarians listed below can be reached at one of the reference desk phone lines (516) 323-3912 or (516) 323-3933

Per-diems Title / Department


Debra Bernstein Reference & Instruction Librarian


Catherine Brown Reference & Instruction Librarian   cbrown
James Castiglione Reference & Instruction Librarian   jcastiglione
Karen Flanagan Reference & Instruction Librarian   kflanagan
Tim Haigh Reference & Instruction Librarian   thaigh
Roseanne Humes Reference & Instruction Librarian   rhumes
Jillian Kehoe Reference & Instruction Librarian   jkehoe
Leslie Wong Loock Reference & Instruction Librarian   lwongloock
Madeleine Nash Reference & Instruction Librarian   mnash
Albert Neal Reference & Instruction Librarian   aneal
Maya Wilder Reference & Instruction Librarian   mwilder
Richard Erben Library Assistant / Patron Services 323-3913 rerben
Isaac Schiller Library Assistant / Patron Services 323-3913 ischiller