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Pubget: About Pubget

Pubget is a great way to search and retrieve life science PDFs. Think of it as a biomedicine search engine similar to PubMed. The Molloy College Library has linked both its individual STEM journals and most preferred databases to this service.

What's in Pubget?

Pubget indexes everything in PubMed and then some. This powerful index contains over 25 million scientific articles and over 20,000 journal titles including high impact publishers like Science, Nature, and JAMA!

Additionally, all of the IEEE papers from the past decade can now be searched on Pubget. That's 1.7 million new papers, from across 150 journals, transactions and magazines, and counting!

Search Pubget Now!

Just enter your text in the box above and go! Off campus users will be asked to authenticate.

Firefox Plug-in for Pubget

Pubget's Firefox Plugin

If you're a registered user and you're on Firefox, you can download complete issues and multiple results using the Pubget Firefox Plugin.
View the how to video after you've installed the plugin.
Note: Downloading the entire journal and/or multiple article selections does not always work, as some publishers have electronic restrictions on the number of articles that can be downloaded at one time.

Pubget Mobile

pubget mobileSearch Pubget Mobile from your PDA or Smart Phone by simply selecting Molloy College as your school or have it selected for you by using this link.

Note: On campus users will automatically be recognized.

What is Pubget?

pubget science at speed logo

"Each year, scientists spend at least a quarter billion minutes searching for biomedical literature online. This is time they could better spend curing disease and building the future. Pubget's mission is to give them (you!) that time back." PubGet: About Us 

Are you tired of it having to take 4 clicks to get to a .pdf? Pubget is a bioscience search engine that's like a combination of PubMed and Google Scholar ... only better.

  • Pubget aggregates holdings from Molloy's databases and single journal subscriptions and then presents them at the .pdf level. In other words, you no longer have to worry about which database to choose or feel the need to search more than one resource because you feel you might be missing something.
  • Pubget is vendor neutral and anything available at the .pdf level will be indicated on the right as illustrated below. Don't forget that Pubget also indexes over 25 million articles from 20,000 journals including all of PubMed, so if your results are too unwieldy, simply select the PDFs only option.

  • Once you enter keywords, expand the limits section (illustrated below) and you'll be able to refine results by article type, species, gender, age and more.
  • In addition to keywords, search by journal / ISSN, author, PMID or link out to Molloy's interlibrary loan / full text options OR purchase the article outright if it is not held (Pubget presents the abstract no matter what). Learn more...
  • While searching in PubMed, through a browser add-on known as the "PaperPlane" users can instantly retrieve the article(s) with a single click.  Learn more...


Ready to try it?

It is recommended that you quickly take a look at "Getting Started with Pubget"