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Digital Commons: Faculty Submissions

A guide to Digital Commons at Molloy.

5 Reasons To Submit Your Work

1. Zero Cost Submissions

2. Statistics: Access to your own personal Author Dashboard and monthly emails.

3. Digital Archive: Submissions have a permanent URL - never search for your work again!

4. Worldwide Exposure: Digital Commons works great with Google! Way better than placing your work in the display case in front of the library.

5. Connect & Collaborate: colleagues, peers, & students can find your work.

Submissions to DigitalCommons Powerpoint

This PowerPoint presentation includes step-by-step instructions for faculty submissions. For a larger view, click on "Open in New Window" on the lower right corner of the PowerPoint.

Who can submit?

Any individual that is associated with Molloy College - either directly or through one of the Special Programs, Centers, or Institutes.This includes students, faculty, staff, and administrators. 

Before Submitting Work

Please check the Digital Commons and ensure that:

  • Your Department is listed
  • There is a Faculty Works section in YOUR department.
  • In the example, you can see that CERCOM is ready for Faculty submissions but the English Department is not.













As the Digital Commons grows and receives more submissions, more departments and sections will be added. If either your department or the Faculty Works section is missing, please contact Tabitha Ochtera before submitting any work.


After Submitting Work