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Writing and Citing: Citing/RefWorks

The New ProQuest Refworks

For more information regarding the new Refworks platform, visit:

What is RefWorks?

Here are four reasons you might consider using this time saving tool: 

  • RefWorks citation manager stores any type of cited references in one convenient spot and individual folders can be created for various projects.
  • Each citation generally includes hyperlinks back to the article's full text.
  • Nearly every database and library catalog offers a one click export option, so citation information will not need to be copied down. Just Look for the word "EXPORT" in the databases or catalog, then choose: "Export to RefWorks".
  • Best of all, because RefWorks understands most common citation styles, it formats your bibliography for you as a word document. 

Don't have an account? Get one today by selecting the RefWorks 2 link below!

    Using RefGrab-it

    works with your browser to capture bibliographic information from web pages giving you the option to import that data into your RefWorks account.

    Here's how:

    • After you install RefGrab-It as a bookmarklet in your browser when you click on the RefGrab-it Link or Icon, it will look for information on the web page. 
    • If an ISBN number, PubMed ID, DOI  or COinS (ContextObjects in Spans -- special coding embedded in the web page that RefWorks will read) are on the web page, RefGrab-It will automatically take that information search various web resources (behind the scenes) to get supplemental information that may be of interest to you that you can also import.
    • RefWorks may even locate RSS feeds related to that web page that you can invoke and import information from.

    For more information, Log into RefWorks, go to the Tools tabs and select RefGrab-It or check out the RefGrab-It help page...

    How do I save searches to a book bag? How do I export to RefWorks?

    Click on the Add to Book Bag icon on the right side of the page to put that particular source into your temporary storage folder. Note: You do not need to set up an account. When you are ready to export, click on the book bag icon at the top of the screen . Select the item you wish to export and then click on export selected. Provide a title and select Refworks as your format and then choose export. Unfamiliar with Refworks? Click here to learn more about it.









    Basic Tutorials in Video or Print

    This link will provide tutorials listed in the table of contents below in either video or print format.

    • Logging into RefWorks - 1:26 min
    • Navigating around RefWorks - 2:02 min
    • Getting your references into RefWorks Introduction - 1:12 sec
      • Direct import from an online database service - 3:19 min
      • Importing Text files - 6:25 min
      • Entering references manually - 6:49 min
    • Searching online information within RefWorks - 2:31 min
    • Searching your RefWorks database - 1:05 min
    • Organizing your references - 3:00 min
    • Creating a custom output style list - 4:25 min
    • Building your bibliography introduction - :51 sec
      • Quick bibliography 3:44 min
      • Using Write-n-cite v2. for windows and mac - 5:53 min
      • Using Write-n-cite III for Windows - 10:52 min
      • Using one line/cite view - 7:37 min
    • Test drive RefWorks - 2:04 min

    Attend a RefWorks Webinar